BimPak - How Does It Works?

Here's what happens when you register for BimPak.

Setting up an account and shipping through BimPak couldn't be easier.

Register at BimPak.com to get your US mailing address. Now you're ready to shop online on your favorite US sites...


Provide your retailer with your new personal US mailing address and your shipment will be sent to BimPak’s Miami warehouse. 

Your consignment will then be shipped over without delay or unless prior notice is given.

It will arrive at the pick up point nearest of your choice hassle-free!.  So start shopping today and let BimPak take care of the shipping.

How to Shop Using BimPak

Register: Register with BimPak online or call your local BimPak Express centre.

Purchase: We’ll set you up with a personal mailing address in the USA. As soon as you receive it, you can start shopping straight away!

Customs: Your shipment will benefit from automatic customs clearance.

Delivery: All packages and correspondence will be collected from your mailbox and set to your local BimPak Service Point.

Payment: Your will pay your shipping charges when you collect your package.

Your Miami Address

To ensure that your packages are properly delivered when ordering online, you are requested to enter your information as per following example:

John BimPak# Doe
3775 NW  77th Street
Miami, FL 33147

John 06-1234 Doe
3775 NW 77th Street
Miami, FL 33147



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