Laparkan has established two offices in Jamaica, one in Montego Bay and the other in Kingston, offering, ocean and airfreight services.


Our story

In 2016 we saw a growing trend in the marketplace towards online shopping. Being a shipping company through our parent company, Laparkan Jamaica, this market demand drew our interest as it lends itself perfectly to our core business. As such, we developed a new segment for both personal and commercial online shoppers called JPak.

JPak is a membership service which provides you with a US address and a unique mailbox number. This is to facilitate delivery of each purchase online. Upon arrival at our warehouse of the packages, it is then prepared and placed on one of our two flights weekly to Kingston. Shipments are then cleared and delivered to one of our locations based on customer’s convenience.

Presently we have 5 locations, Sovereign Centre, Kingston Newport West, Montego Bay, Portmore and May Pen. There are also discussions ensuing on opening an additional location in Montego Bay. JPak provides a prompt, efficient and economical way for shoppers to expand their purchasing opportunities and power.

JPak is a U.S. private mailbox service that allows you to have your online purchases delivered to a Miami address and then forwarded to you in Jamaica.

With your own U.S. mailing address, you can enjoy all the benefits with U.S. retailers without the complications, hassle, and high cost of shipping.

Jpak makes ordering goods as easy as living there. With JPak it’s as good as delivered, grab the bargains you want from the U.S.A and leave the rest to us. There’s nothing stopping your shopping.

  • Speed and Reliability
  • Convenience – You can make payments and collect your items at any Laparkan office
  • Competitive rates with no sign up fee
  • Tracking: Track your items online at your convenience
  • Service: Is our highest priority

Every time you shop you save…

It’s fast and reliable, as soon as your purchases arrive in your mailbox, we’ll ship it to you. You get all the benefits of international shipping but at low delivery prices.