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Get your U.S. private mail box service today and start shopping.


Why Choose Us?

Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Private Mail Box

JPak is the ideal and econonmically sensible answer for fast, direct delivery of packages. The simple, attractive, all-in-one rate structure from door-to-door reflects actual market needs, and so does the easy to understand system.

Ocean Cargo

Collectively, our customer service associates and management have over 100 years of experience in the shipping industry. Laparkan achieves distinction through a network of gateways, offices and associates in North America and throughout the Caribbean.

Air Cargo

No one is more committed to meeting the needs of the shippers than Laparkan Airways. Laparkan Airways offers customers five flights weekly out of Miami to Jamaica. We handle everything from perishables and personal effects, to industrial equipment.

What Our Customers Say?

  • What remains in my mind is the assigned customer assist that did everything for me on the wharf.

    [ Personal effects shipper ]

    Annmarie Barton
  • Competent and pleasant staff made my first experience shipping a barrel hassle free.

    [ First time shipper ]

    Joy Parchment
  • I dreaded the process of shipping anything until Laparkan, Good job guys!

    [ First time shipper ]

    Jerome Reid
  • Complimentary ride to the wharf was a pleasant surprise. Very thoughtful!

    [ Personal effects shipper ]

    Lurline Rose
  • Laparkan has always been on time and professional.

    [ Personal effects shipper ]

    Damian Johnson
  • Notifies me when my package is ready.

    [ First time shipper ]

    Norman Green


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive packages?

Packages that are received at our Miami facility are sent to POS within 24-48 hours of receiving. Local deliveries are performed within one to two business days after the cargo is cleared at the Courier Bond facility.

Is there anything that I cannot receive through my AnPak account?

Packages that are received at our Miami facility are sent to POS within 24-48 hours of receiving. Local deliveries are performed within one to two business days after the cargo is cleared at the Courier Bond facility.

I do not have a credit card. Can I still use your service?

Yes. We will gladly make purchases for you without credit card. The normal shipping rates apply along with a surcharge ($5.00 or 3% of merchandise cost, whichever is greater). Cash or Linx payment must be made in advance.

USPS says my package was delivered. What’s the delay?

Due to their extremely high volume of parcels, the United States Postal Service is unable to individually verify the status of every delivery. Therefore their records of your package being delivered to our warehouse can often be incorrect. LPKpak is not liable for any delays for packages shipped via USPS. ¨I didn’t ship with USPS, but my package is still delayed.¨Two possible causes of such a delay are:

  • Your complete LPKpak ADDRESS was not entered during online checkout.
  • The shipper did not label your package with your complete delivery address.
  • LPKpak is not responsible for any package delayed for the above reasons. However, by Pre-alerting all your packages upon initial purchase, you can help us minimise these types of delays.

What are you business hours?

We are open Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 4:30PM. Later times for package pickups and deliveries can be facilitated at no extra charge. Please call in advance.

What is a fuel surcharge?

A fuel surcharge is imposed on all carriers by all shippers (ocean and air). We at LPKpak remain committed to serving you our valued customers in the best way possible keeping our “rate per pound” as low as possible.

Can I drop off items at the street address to be sent to me?

Yes, you can drop off items at the street address in Miami, to be shipped to you. The shipper will be given a warehouse receipt upon tendering cargo to us on your behalf. Our operating hours in Miami are 8:30AM – 5PM (Miami Time) Monday – Friday.

Do you deliver to all locations in Antigua?

We would like to offer this convenience to all our customers. However, due to the potential risks, we are unable to deliver in some areas. We invite customers in these areas to contact us for alternative delivery arrangements.
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