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Our Operation in Jamaica

Laparkan has established two offices in Jamaica, one in Montego Bay and the other in Kingston, offering, ocean and airfreight services. We have expanded with a Private Mail Box service, namely, JPak, which offers a US address to the computer savvy Internet shoppers. This also suits commercial customers who demand a fast, hassle free shipment of goods to their doorstep.

We do weekly shipments out of North America, primarily through Miami, New York and Canada. However, we transport cargo for our many customers from almost anywhere in the world through our partnership with the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) family. We have also expanded our service to include export consolidations to the eastern Caribbean Islands. This is a direct route as our cargo does not transit the US.

For 13 years our Jamaican operation had been handled by agents. However, with the numerous services being offered by the company we thought it prudent to establish our own offices. This strategic move has proved to be a great asset, as customers are able to enjoy our comfortable facilities and value added services. These include, assigned customer assistants on the wharf, free transportation to the port and an all-in-one pay and collect your barrel at our office avoiding the chaos of the port altogether.

At Laparkan Jamaica we create shipping solutions. Our aim is to redefine the process of shipping and instill confidence and satisfaction in our customer.

Our Global Operation

In 1983, three young enterprising Guyanese - John La Rose, Terrence Pariaug and Glen Khan, saw a need to reconnect West Indians who were living overseas, with their families and friends in their respective homelands in the Caribbean and Guyana. The Caribbean communities in the United States of America, Canada and the UK needed a reliable channel to send supplies, gifts and various other items to their families 'back home'.

Laparkan opened its first office in Toronto, Canada in summer of 1983. The word quickly spread throughout the Caribbean Diaspora and soon there was a demand for offices in other locations. Through hard work and a focused approach, Laparkan quickly established offices in Guyana, New York, Miami and the United Kingdom. The response from the overseas communities was very positive and supportive and within six years, Laparkan had additional offices or agencies opened in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados.

As Laparkan nears its 30th year of service to the Caribbean, we are well positioned to handle the challenges which the rapidly changing global trading environment continues to occasion. To this end, within our freight operations we have introduced a state of the art Cargo Management System (CMS), set up several Call Centers as well as acquired a new 160,000 square foot warehouse and office in Miami as part of our ongoing efforts to more effectively and efficiently serve our growing customer base.

The employees of the Laparkan Group of Companies in North America and the Caribbean are a vibrant, multi-talented and creative group of more than 1,000 individuals who share a common philosophy..."We Make the Difference!" This inner call to excellence and service drives Laparkan forward and pushes beyond expectations as the company continues to connect families, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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