LAPARKAN: Flight Schedule

NOTE: Effective 02 March to 01 April 2024,

Piarco International Airport (Trinidad) will be closed
for runway works during the period 0200U-1000U (10.00:PM-0600AM LT).

Our Air Cargo flight has been rescheduled to operate as follows:

DEP MIA 1900U      ARR POS 2245

DEP POS 0015         ARR GEO 0130

DEP GEO 0300         ARR PBM 0350

DEP PBM 0520         ARR MIA 1010U                 

Southbound Schedule
From MIA To: Day Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft
Trinidad POS TUE LE900 1700L 2130L B767-200F
Guyana GEO TUE LE900 1700L 0001L+1 B767-200F
Suriname PBM TUE LE900 1700L 0230L+1 B767-200F
Barbados BGI TUE LE900 1700L 0900L+1 B727-200F
Jamaica KIN TUE-FRI LE800 1100L 1430L SAAB 340A
Jamaica MBJ TUE-FRI LE800 1000L 1030L B767-200F
Northbound Schedule
To MIA From: Day Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft
Trinidad POS TUE LE901 2300L 0830L+1 B767-200F
Guyana GEO TUE LE901 0130L+1 0830L+1 B767-200F
Suriname PBM TUE LE901 0400L+1 0830L+1L B767-200F
LE800 Operated by IBC Airways