LAPARKAN: Industrial

The Guyana National Industrial Company’s (GNIC) origin may be traced to the 1840’s when the facility commenced operations under the ownership of a Messrs Hugh Sprostons, a Private Entrepreneur as a Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing Company.

In 1976, the facility was then owned by ALCAN nationalized, becoming Guyana National Engineering Corporation Limited (GNECL), a State-owned company.

On November 1, 1995 the company was privatized by the leasing of the infrastructural facilities and the compulsory acquisition of other Plant and Machinery under Guyana National Industrial Company Incorporated.

The company can be categorized as a Mini Industrial Conglomerate with the following as its major product lines and services:

  • Wharf Operations i.e Handling of both Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo for all the Sectors AND Inland Intermodal Transportation Logistics Services for Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo Imports and Exports
  • Vessel Construction and Repairs including Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services and other Steel Construction Activities
  • Projects, Equipment and Machinery Sales and Agency Representations with accompanying Product Support Activities

GNIC is strategically located on a 66,368 sq. m of land in Georgetown on the Left Bank of the Demerara River approximately 1.2Km from the Atlantic Ocean.  The Company is owned by:

  • Laparkan Holdings Limited (LPK) (70%)
  • National Engineering Company (NEC) (30%)

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Table of Contents

Our Mission

“Leaders in the Industry we Serve”

Our Vision

“To optimize all business potentials in areas of Engineering, Manufacturing and Shipping for the benefit of our Customers, Employees, Shareholders, the communities in which we serve and the entire Guyanese Nation.”

Our Objectives

Marine Transportation is by far the more economical means for the efficient movement of commodities in the international arena. Guyana’s economic development is inextricably linked to its trade competitiveness which in turn is largely dependent on the standards and efficiency of the Maritime Transportation Sector.

GNIC’s short and medium-term plans will therefore continue to be centered around the provision of Maritime Services which has been its core business from its inception.

  • Leader in the Inland/Regional Maritime Transportation business
  • Increased market share in National and Regional Maritime Vessel
  • Construction Activity and Product Support Services
  • Create a niche market for Inland Intermodal Transportation in Guyana for both Containerised and Breakbulk Traffic
  • Enhancement of the company’s corporate image and profitability by improvement in schedule adherence, reliability, quality and cost efficiency
  • Increased contribution to National GDP via interlinkages with vital economic sectors

Greater participation in community development and contribution to poverty alleviation.

Main Products and Services

Fields of Specialization and areas of Expertise

  • Agency Representation, Berthing, Loading and or/Offloading of Vessels within draft limitations of the Georgetown and New Amsterdam, Berbice Harbours.
  • Stevedore Contracting for Bulk, Break-bulk and Containerised Cargo.
  • Covered and Open Storage for Break-bulk and Containerised Cargo (LCL and FCL)
  • Equipment Hire and Rental Services: Road Haulage, Lifting and Marine Equipment.
  • Freight Solicitation and Customs Brokerage Service.
  • Inland Transportation Services (Land and Marine via, Tugs and Barges, Tractor, Container Trailer and Flat and Low Bed Trailers).
  • Ship Chartering and Management Services


The Port Facility operates a cargo solicitation service on behalf of a number of shipping companies and can receive or dispatch cargo to a number of locations worldwide. We are agents and/or Terminal Operators for the following Shipping Lines:

  • Höegh Autoliners AS, Norway [World’s third largest vehicle carrier] –  Agents & Terminal Operators
  • Intermarine, New Orleans [Breakbulk & Project Cargo Carrier] – Agents & Terminal Operators
  • Tropical Shipping: – Terminal Operators
    Weekly containerized service to some 35 locations within the Bahamas and the Caribbean.
  • CMA/CGM Lines – Terminal Operators
    Weekly containerized service worldwide.
  • Associated Transport Line (ATL), Houston – Terminal Operators
    Fortnightly containerized, break-bulk, and project cargo service between Houston, USA, and the Caribbean/Latin American Region. [Vessels equipped with heavy-lift cranes].
  • Caribbean Line Ltd. – Terminal Operators
    Weekly containerized service to Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname and Guyana.

Scope of Agency and Husbandry Services

These activities are primarily concerned with facilitating a vessel’s call, stay, and departure at/from Port Georgetown, Port New Amsterdam or any other safe port/berth within Guyana and include:

  • Reporting and arranging for Customs, Port Health & Immigration clearance of ships on their  arrival in Guyana
  • Receipt, Processing and Delivery of all relevant Shipping documents to effect discharging/loading and delivery of cargo
  • Arranging, at the ship’s request, for the provision of specialized and other services such as medical, legal and transportation services.

Terminal Operations:

These include the berthing/unberthing of vessels, loading /offloading of cargo, storage and delivery/receipt of cargo; and transportation logistics for the movement of cargo from ship to terminal and vice versa.

Stevedore Contracting:

Stevedoring Services are provided by a team of twenty two seasoned stevedores (12 Labourers; 4 Gangway men; 4 Winchmen; 2 Foremen) working two (2) gangs on a 24 hour basis (i.e. 07:00 h – 15:00 h; 15:00 h – 23:00 h; 23:00 h – 03:00 h; 03:00 h – 07:00 h) seven (7) days a week, and are engaged from 07:00 h and 15:00 h daily.  Additional gangs can be provided on request.

Marine Equipment Rental Service:

Tugs and barges are available for rental on a minimum four (4) hour charge basis.  Daily rental rates are usually applied to longer engagements.

Inland Transportation & Logistics Services:

A fleet of owned and hired haulers, container chassis, flatbed and low-bed trailers, tugs and barges is used to provide road and water transportation for the delivery/receipt of containerized, break-bulk and project cargo to/from far away inland locations within Guyana.

Ship Chartering and Management Services:

Managers for cement carrier, M.V. “Naftocement IV” under charter to Trinidad Cement Limited for 24 months to transport approx. 80,000 MT of bulk cement, annually, from Trinidad and Barbados to a Cement Bagging Plant in Georgetown, Guyana, and to other facilities around the Caribbean.

Installed Capacity – Infrastructural Facilities

The main features of GNIC’s Port Facility are:

  • The Berthing and Offloading Quays:
    The main berth extends over a length of 230m. The quay is of timber construction and covers an area of approximately 3,900 sq. m and is 29.0 m and 12.0 m at its widest and narrowest points, respectively. The draught alongside at low water is 6.0m with an average increase of about 2-2.5 m at high water. The type of debris alongside is a 2 m deep layer of soft mud on which ships can remain safely aground.
  • The Foundry Wharf:
    This 500 sq. m timber construction is located at the southern limits of GNIC’s Georgetown Complex and is presently used mainly for the berthing of tugs and barges. This area is soon to be developed into a dedicated break-bulk terminal to ease any potential congestion at the main berth which will then be used primarily for the handling of containerized cargo.
  • The Warehouses
    There are three covered in-terminal warehousing facilities shielding an area of 5,160 sq. m (i.e. Transit Shed – 3,400 m2, “Laparkan” Bond – 1,340 m2, and Pigeon Bond – 420 m2).  The open storage areas around the warehouses totals 12,000 sq. m and includes the main container storage area (8,800 m2) with a capacity for 1,200 TEU’s using four-tier stacking, and an area south of the Transit Shed & Laparkan Bond (2,850 m2) which is being developed to store reefer and empty containers.  A nearby off-port bonded warehousing facility (former Briana Compound) with an area of 2,940 sq. m (i.e. Covered – 1,250 m2; Open – 1,690 m2) is used to store up to approx. 250 vehicles.
  • The  Road Network
    There is an adequate internal road network which links the entire Port Facility to the main carriageway within the city limits away from the downtown congestion.


Installed Capacity – Equipment


Super-Stackers249.5 Tons
Haulers (Articulated Trucks)10300-370 bhp
Container Chassis7963 x 20’ & 26 x 40’
Jockey/In-terminal Truck2 
Forklift Trucks53 x 2T; 1 x 5T; 1 x 8T
Cranes (Crawler – P&H)220 Tons
Cranes (Crawler – Lorain)190 Tons
Trailers (Low bed)21 x 50T; 1 x 30T
Trailers (Flat bed)53 x 40’; 2 x 30’
Tugs2235 bhp & 1100 bhp
Bobcat10.9 T; Bkt: 0.38 Cu M
Pick-up Trucks 1 Ton
  • Vessel Construction and Repairs including Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services and other Steel Construction Activities

Fields of Specialization and Areas of Expertise

  • Naval Architectural (Ship Design) Services i.e preliminary designs and detailed working drawings.
  • Vessel construction and Repairs; Cargo & Ferry boats, Tugs Barges and Fishing Vessels.
  • Marine Engineering Services i.e specification and/or evaluation, installation, maintenance and repairs of propulsion systems and ancillaries, engine and shafting adjustments and main engine crank shaft deflection and adjustment.
  • Inspection and evaluation of existing vessels for repairs and/or valuation for disposal.

Installed Capacity

To date the Shipyard has constructed and delivered a total of approximately one hundred and twenty-five (125) Ships, approximately twenty (20) of these Vessels were built for overseas owners from the Caribbean and the rest of South America.

Production/Service Facilities

i)    Northern Drydock (Graving)
Length Overall                    79.60 meters
Width at Dock Gate             11.50 meters
Width at Centre of Dock      13.55 meters
Depth over Sill                    3.35 meters

This Drydock is used for both new construction and repair work

ii)   Southern Drydock  ( Graving)
Length Overall                 62.55 meters
Width of Entire Dock       14.00 meters
Depth Over Sill                3.05 meters

This Drydock is primarily used for the Docking and repair of Ships.

iii)    Main Slipway
Effective Length               120 metre
Effective Width                22.3 meters

iv)  Outfitting Quay for New and Repair Work
Effective length                 200 meters

Craneage Facilities

Mobile cranes:       A total of two (2) 1 x  45 tons and 1 x 10 tons capacities.

Overhead Cranes:  A total of two (2) with capacities varying from 1-1/2  and 5 tons.

Engineering Workshops

a) Machine Shop
An equipped facility inclusive of Lathes Milling, Machines, Boring Mills, Surface Grinders, Cylindrical and Crankshaft Grinders Sharpeners, Planers, Drilling and Honing Machines.

b) Inside and Marine Outfitting Shop
Staffed with trained personnel who trouble shoot    all types of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, rebuild compressors, pump, motors, cylinder heads and valves as required

c) Fabrication Shop
Fabrication Facilities include Plate Roll, Shears and Guillotines, Flanging and Bending Machines, all types of welding processes, Blacksmith Forges, Power Hammers and other auxiliary equipment.

Welding equipment includes over thirty (30) Welding Machines of varying types, both Portable and Stationary ranging between 200 to 600 ampere capacity.  Complete oxyacetylene sets are also available for shop or field work.

d) Electrical Shop
Equipped with trained personnel and specialist tools to trouble shooting and repair control and alarm system.  AC and DC Electric Motors, Switch Gears, Generating and Distribution Equipment and to design and effect wiring installation on board vessels.

e) Refrigeration Shop
Equipped to repair, maintain and overhaul Freon and Amonia Refrigeration System, as well as all types of Air-conditioning Equipment or components, including Compressors, Evaporators, Coolers and Valves.  Capable of designing and installing New systems as and when required.

f) Allied Trade Shop
Fully equipped and specialist Wood Working Machines and uses both local and foreign woods for Carpentry, Outfitting of Ship’s accommodations.  Has access to a spacious Mould Loft and adequate Mould Lofting Tools for the production of accurate Profile Templates.  This shop is also staffed with Trained Riggers and Painters and the latter named persons are capable of applying paint via Spray, Roller and Conventional Hand       Brush methods.

g) Container Repairs
We can also undertake repairs to Dry and Refrigerated Containers. (On site)

Projects, Equipment and Machinery Sales and Agency Representations with accompanying Product Support Activities

The Projects Division specializes in Industrial and Infrastructural Construction activities and had developed quite a reputation and significant presence in the local market place. The experience gained over those years, working independently or collectively with a number of major international companies (through sub-contracting and other collaborative efforts) have given GNIC a capability to undertake major works in the following areas:

  • General Engineering Jobbing activities viz: Sugar Mill Rollers.
  • Design and Construction of Vessels, Tanks, Condensers, etc.
  • Foundation Design, Pile Driving and Reinforced Concrete


  • Drainage and Pipe Works
  • Erection of Steel Portals and other Frames
  • Fabrication of Mechanical components
  • Electrical/Air Conditioning Installation Works

Rehabilitation and/or Erection of Industrial Plants in-situ.

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Guyana National Industrial Company Inc
1-9 Lombard Street
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