LAPARKAN: Glen Khan To Outline His Vision For The Future

Glen Khan To Outline His Vision For The Future

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Miami, Dec.16-Laparkan Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Glen Khan will outline his vision for the future of the company during a live radio interview on WAVS 1170 AM with Winston Barnes, at 11.30 am on Monday, December 20. The interview can be heard on the Internet at

During the year Laparkan has been undertaking a restructuring program designed to improve its operational efficiencies and to provide a heightened quality of service to its customers. This restructuring has come against the backdrop of the global economic crisis.

“We have had to redesign our business model to adjust to the current economic environment. We are confident that this new model will improve our operational efficiencies, provide an enhanced quality of service to our customers and ensure the future viability of the company,” the chairman has said.

Mr. Khan has emphasized that “even in these tough economic times, Laparkan has a continued major role to play as a service provider in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Basin and further afield. For more than 27 years we have provided quality service to the Caribbean Diaspora with transportation infrastructure and service offerings to millions of customers throughout North America and the Caribbean Basin. In the process we have established an impressive footprint in the personal effects and commercial – ocean and air cargo business. Added to that we have very talented employees, extremely able managers and a creative ingenuity that runs deep.”

Now more than ever before consumers are expecting more value for their dollar. They are less tolerant about delays with their shipments, easily agitated when they experience poor customer service and are increasingly desirable of benefiting from the ease of doing business which technological advancements have made possible. To address these characteristics of the customer Laparkan has installed a new state-of-the-art Cargo Management System, set up a centralized customer service call center and appointed a number of sales and cargo agents in the United States in communities with dense Caribbean American populations.